Becoming an Apprentice

An apprenticeship is the first step on the path to obtaining a license as a plumber in the state of Florida. An apprenticeship can be granted to an individual who has completed high school or has a GED and presents two character reference letters along with an application. The apprenticeship is a five year program and offers license candidates the opportunity to train in a formal environment. Classroom instruction is also included as part of the training. A certificate of completion is awarded once the apprenticeship is complete.

Becoming a Journeyman Plumber

To become a journeyman plumber in Florida, an applicant must pass an examination. However, an applicant must meet specified criteria to be qualified to take the exam. Four years of experience working as a plumber is required, but exceptions can be made for those who have college credit. Applicants for the examination must also be able to prove that they are financially responsible and that they possess liability insurance coverage.

Becoming a Master Plumber

Being licensed as a master plumber requires seven years' experience as a plumber. Two of these years must be as a journeyman plumber. Since Florida plumbing licenses are issued locally, some counties may also require that master plumbers pass an examination that tests business principles.

Advantages of Being a Master Plumber

While an apprentice or a journeyman is able to provide plumbing services, only a master plumber is able to contract services. Master plumbers have the most flexibility in determining which services to perform because they initiate their contracts. Plumbers are able to offer a variety of services in Florida and are authorized to work on gas systems. Apprentices and journeyman plumbers are required to work under the direction of the master plumber.

The Fastest Path to Plumbing

Gaining an apprenticeship is a way to work toward a plumbing license while gathering experience in the field. While four years of experience is the standard required for licensure as a journeyman, college credit can be applied to this requirement. This may be an option for those who want to decrease the amount of time they spend working as an apprentice.

The information on this site is meant as general information on the topic of becoming a plumber in Florida and may contain incorrect or outdated information. Research local and state plumbing resources for requirements and more specific details. You can also contact some local Florida plumbing companies to get more general information and specific requirements, details and some other options that may work out better for your career goals in plumbing.